Concept of Control of Quality

He control of quality is a process crucial to any process productive, since is through this that is ensures the correct realization of them processes led to out and is ensures that it produced meets with their corresponding legislation and objectives raised.


Why is quality control important?

Has a crucial importance today, with the features present that presents the market to level competition. The companies of hierarchy International have specialists and machinery, next to a system of software of high level for to evaluate all what is produced in its factories.

The concept of control of quality, although is more common in the field of it production, also is is present in them companies intended to provide services. Through surveys and other techniques trying to assess what were the impressions of the recipients in terms of the services provided, what are the points to improve, etc.

Process of quality control

But returning to the sphere productive, are going to detail some of them elements key to ensure a correct development of the same. Although is truth that there are infinite technical and processes that extend them steps that are going to enumerate, as first measure is understand in what consist of these measures.

As the first element, have with the control sheet. In this sheet, usually in the form of form to generate greater ease in obtaining data, we find a precise division on various functions to analyze, where we detail if we find fault, and if so, in which sector. It is important that this be done at stipulated intervals, it is thus where failures in processes in the long run be noticed. This type of method is manual in nature, regardless of how analyzing data then.

Another very important method is the stratification, which is a statistical method which classifies the information deemed relevant, grouping it in layers. The choice of the treatment (staff, distribution and any other feature that we consider relevant for the production process) is completely arbitrary and corresponds to the choice made by the personnel in charge. This form of measurement used to be clearly grouped information and to observe what are the processes that should be reviewed and taken into account.

These are just two of the many options that the personal account to maximize and correct productivity. Other very popular in management measures is the cause and effect diagram, or Pareto diagram (in honor of the Italian economist).

As we see, is essential for companies to have a plan of quality control, since it is here where you will be or not a company’s growth; the more strict quality control, better will be the final product.


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