English Translation Services


If has arrived here is because need a translator of English native and the services of translation of Mars Translation are their choice without doubt it when need translations of English Professional. Backed by decades of experience and hundreds of publications, websites and millions of words translated into English, our translator team of English he has translated to known Spanish companies, technology and services, to the tourism sector, and have supported numerous SMEs in their plans expansion with technical translations into English, translations of websites and content internationalization, translations of medical devices into English , financial translations, English translations of marketing in English, etc.

The Spanish translation to English

If you need translations of the Spanish into English, Mars Translation is your best choice. We also work with translations from German, Italian translations, French translations, translations of Russian.
Only the best world translation agencies can count on a range of diverse translation with Mars Translation tools, allowing us to also manage the terminological precision of each of our English translations. These tools facilitate checks by our expert translators of English quality control once the first translator delivers its translation. Our procedures of quality of our services of the Spanish translation to English guarantee translations to the English professionals, as you need services of the English translation of freestyle or medical translations or very precise technical translations. With Mars Translation is never going to pay twice for the same phrase translation. How? Because in Mars Translation we create databases which maintain a reliable translation of phrases and common expressions in English and can consult to ensure a translation that will be read as if it were an original in English.

American English translation services to reach large markets

Our experienced the Spanish translation services into English translated its files or documents with speed and efficiency. Our translations to the English can use is immediately for trade with more companies and consumers, to publish in the web or to reach to a public English-speaking by all the world. Our English translators take very seriously each publication to make it a success. We want to ensure that our English translation services conform exactly to your needs and increase your reputation. Mars Translation always works to give you a quick translation at a very competitive price

Translation services from English to Spanish

Our long career providing translation services from English to Spanish is our best guarantee. Over more than two decades, our English translators have translated to the Spanish and have grappled with the formats and more complicated documents you can imagine among which include commercial translations from English to Spanish, translation of web pages from English to the Spanish, technical translations from English to the Spanish, proposals, tenders and many more. Our mission is to translate from English to Spanish with absolute precision and adjust their timelines and budgets to provide translation services from English to the Spanish professional, fast, and at a competitive price.

Translation services from English web pages

Mars Translation offers professional website translation services into English, as well as a locator service to the English: the translation of web pages and their location released its content to millions of users and potential clients around the world. If you need constant updates on your website or eCommerce website, our technology will monitor its new texts with specific crawlers. This technology will draw their new texts and can offer translations into English snapshots, even will take care of your publication needs if you need a translation service level agreement. Thus you can focus on your business and not on translations management.Londres

The experience of our professional translation agency will surprise you. Our track record of thousands of translated pages can become the contents of your website a magnet thanks to our translators of English because we will select the best keywords, descriptions and metatags. Not going to offer a translation direct from your web, but a project of location, i.e., adaptation, full. We use the latest technologies of translation applied to the web for

translate entire web sites in WordPress (used for 70% of the web),
translate Joomla sites,
translate Drupal sites, and
translate sites of e-commerce such as Magento, Prestapshop, etc.

English technical translation services

Technical translations are one of our English translation services Spanish star at Pangeanic. We have participated in major projects of energy with translation of documents, we are regular suppliers of translation services for Japanese brands of appliances, for Japanese and European car manufacturers…

Mars Translation Company has proper English translator and translation to translate successfully to the English whether consumer products, professional products, the oil and gas industry, electrical machinery, heavy machinery, light machinery, plant and technology implementations.

English medical translation services

Our medical translations and division of life sciences, certified by the European standard of ISO 9001 and EN15038 translation ensures that Mars Translation is your choice when you need professional medical translation services when required

documentation of medical devices in English,
approval in English documents,
consent informed in English,
product catalogues,
English technical data sheets,
protocols in English,
clinical trials translation services,
medical translations of English in general.

We have worked for manufacturers of medical devices and medical services English Spanish translation software, as well as pharmaceutical companies, the life sciences and health, health insurance. All of them have reached world markets and increased its presence thanks to translations into English of Pangeanic. Thanks to a large team of translators of English, selected after capacity and specialized scientific and medical evidence, medical translations into English ever become a problem. All our medical translators English experts have experience translating clinical trials questionnaires into English, FRCs English and IFUs to English, as well as leaflets and labels into English, surveys patients to English, forms of insurance, etc.

Legal English translation services

A wide network of expert translators legal covers our services of translation to the English. Our expert translators include numerous translators of English connoisseurs and with specific training in the legal system and the specific terminology of the legal system of British, American, Canadian, etc. But our legal English translation services are beyond. Mars Translation can also offer a range of legal services and litigation support, such as

the identification of documents in English,
the management of documents in English,
judicial summaries in English
tracking of websites in English,
English transcription services.
Mars Translation is your partner for translations of English by the history of our translators of English with all kinds of legal documents and the proven experience of our translation processes. The areas in which we have produced legal translations into English include
-applications for patents,
-agreements of confidentiality,
-mergers and company acquisitions, agreements
-commercial contracts
-certificates of marriage, birth and death,
-contracts of employment
-rental and leasing contracts,
-General business documents, etc.

But Mars Translation is your translation agency: is in the hands of excellent translators from English. Our mission is to assure that never any mistranslation affects the image of your company. Have a slogan in Pangeanic: “the quality is not face, but the lack of quality always comes out face”. Have with the tools and the technology to offer rates competitive of translation of English and services of translation of English fast. The dangers of not use translators of English with the appropriate experience or non-professional English translation services to translate into English include:

An increase in the total cost of medical trials or release of a product due to mistranslations from English.
Delays in marketing.
Translations of useless or unusable English or badly translated material that can lead to lawsuits or rejection of your product on the market, British, American, Canadian, Australian, etc., by local regulators.
Loss of reputation and a bad image in those markets.
And of course, may terminate in need again translate the existing material.


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